Our Culture

Portrait of beautiful young girl on the playground.


We are advocates for the belief that disability does not mean inability. Independence and self-responsibility are fostered by respect for the individual’s autonomy and by empowering the individual to make informed decisions.

It is important that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential competence with opportunities to perform functional and meaningful activities or work with support if needed to promote success.

All people we support experience full inclusion in their daily lives in all aspects of community life. We believe that the three cornerstones of a strong life foundation are; living as independently as possible, having the opportunity for real work for real pay, and providing children and young adults with caring family homes with personalized supports.

We strive for excellence and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of services while working in an accessible manner to engage with all of our stakeholders and leverage available community resources to benefit our clients.

Our Code of Ethics helps assure that all Board members, volunteers and staff act with honesty, integrity and openness in all aspects of our work. In this way, we exercise responsible stewardship by maintaining effective governance and management practices. We generate adequate resources, manage resources effectively, support and recognize our volunteers and appropriately support and compensate staff.

It is our culture that affords us a healthy working environment for all employees and volunteers. We celebrate the benefits gleaned from an organizational family that is productive and enjoys a pleasant and positive workplace.

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    To provide personalized services to those who require support, enabling them to make informed choices regarding how they live, work and function productively and independently in the community.

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    Our VISION

    That all people enjoy full inclusion in the workplace, community and society in general.

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    Have always guided our work and continue to set the culture in our workplace, allowing us the privilege of providing services since 1981.