Community Living Services


In spite of the organization’s name, independence is not everyone’s goal in life. Most people, even those without disabilities, rely on others for meeting a variety of their daily needs. TMI assesses a person’s need for assistance and, together, develop an individualized plan for support.

In order to live in a home or apartment in the community, one person with a developmental disability may need live-in support, while others may need only intermittent “come in” support once or twice a week to help with such things as meal planning, grocery shopping or banking.

Providing assistance is only one aspect of TMI’s services. Our mission and core values are the driving force behind our emphasis on helping people develop and build skills so they can do things for themselves; be independent. We also help people develop relationships with neighbors and other members of the community so they can identify and discover activities and places where they can meet people, make friends and become productive, contributing participants in the community.

While it is important for all of us to learn how to pay bills, clean house, be safe in our communities, or to advocate for ourselves, it is imperative that all individuals be accepted, included and valued members of our communities.

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